Corporate Event Production
We can decorate the meeting room, the dining room, or party room with style and elegance
Lighting the room provides an additional layer of elegance in any event.   Wall washes, patterns, and moving lights turn a room into a wonderland of light
Voice Reinforcement Live Performance
Using the best equipment available we provide top quality playback for your recorded audio
Specialized voice reinforcement equipment assures that every word will be heard with absolute clarity.
Our many years of sound reinforcement for live performance assures you the best possible sound for any live performance. associated with your event.
Front projection, rear projection, small screen or large.   Custom size and shape screens, LED walls, and the finest projectors provide a visual image that will wow everyone
Using our many years of experience in the live performance and entertainment industry RETM can bring a new approach to corporate meetings and events.    We design, build, and create first class, exciting, and engaging events.   Using custom designed sets, screens, and staging with the latest in modern technology for lighting and sound equipment, seasoned professional engineers and designers, hard work and a keen eye RETM can create the most memorable event for your company's needs.   We provide you with the creativity, the hard work and the right connections so your event can be the talk of the town!
Decor Lighting Entertainment
Custom Scenery Design
We will design and fabricate a stage setting that is unique, imaginative, and incorporates your company ID
Stages Props
We can provide high quality stage platform in any size or configuration
Finding and fabricating stage props is something we have been doing for many years.    We can build a setting around them or use them to decorate the room.
Stage Lighting
We provide stage lighting for your event using the latest in modern technology .   From simple stage wash to multicolored and patterned moving head fixtures
We have worked with a multitude of national and international recording artists, and can book them for your event as well as handle all their contactual requirements and staging needs